Comper Swift VH-ACG

 this aeroplane was damaged during its return from Oshkosh and the repairs are underway at our Bankstown facility

 Comper Swift VH-ACG has had 3 major periods in it,s existance.

It was initially flown by Mr Wally Hope a famous pre-war aviator in England and was one of only 3 gipsy 3 powered Comper Swifts built as outright racing aeroplanes. It flew in the Kings cup races of 1932,1933,1935,1936 and 1938. In December 1933 it was Roger Wolfe Kahn and flew in the Roosevelt Field Air Races. It was also roported to have been used in the 1934 Clevland Air Race. It would then be registered as NC27K This was it's US 2nd phase as an air racer.


In July 1939 it was shipped to Australia and bases at Camden with D MacArthur-onslow and through variou folk to it's current residence.

In 2009 it was shipped in company with Klemm l25 VH-UUR to Oshkosh were it was displayed by Mr David Greig as in the image below.

At present it is at our maintainance hanger at Bankstown undergoing some more restoration work



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