Why is the property called the missions 1937

What it’s all about

The year 1937 seems particularly uneventful when looked back at some eighty five years in the future. Eighty years is the lifespan of a normal, slightly healthy, human being and as such this enterprise has as an objective to illustrate  the changes that have happened in one area of human endeavour during this time.

On closer examination we see that in 1937 war clouds were forming. Spain was in civil war, Manchuria had been conquered by Japan and there was succession trouble with the British Royal family. Now of course things have changed, war is in the middle east rather than Spain, China is growing in military strength rather than Japan and there is concern with the succession in the British Royal family. The inventiveness of man continues to amaze us.

A small area of invention is of course the pinnacle of human achievement of the 20th century, the achievement of flight from the time of the “Bishops Boy's”, the Wright brothers to space flight, the Concorde and most significantly the Boeing 747 airliner.

The aeroplanes on this property were designed before and were all flying during 1937. As such they represent a snapshot of the Australian civil experience of flight. You are invited to look at, touch and smell these wonderful machines which have individual histories to explore. 

These aeroplanes have taught pilots and navigators their trade for the war of 1939. They have broken records and saved the lives of remote peoples in Australia and abroad. They have sought the souls of men through a mission field and trained the first Australian lady airline pilot. One has been the favoured mount of a Chinese Australian instructor who taught the greatest of Australian World War 2 pilots to fly and another ran guns to a revolution in Borneo. They are inextricably linked to the people who were involved with them.

So now find out about these adventures and more when you see these aeroplanes.

Please note that all the aeroplanes will not be at the property at all the times and some may be at our maintainance hangar at Bankstown Airport. If you have a particular interest let us know before your trip.

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